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Otto Grun
(German, 1888-1974)
Untitled (kinetic sculpture)
mixed media
patent applied for in 1985
17″h x 13 1/4″w x 8 1/2″d


Condition Report:
Consisting of three fish, one gold plated, two 14k solid yellow gold, diamond eyes, suspended from irregular form posts / molten sterling silver jewelry findings. Posts are mounted to a hammered stainless steel plate sitting atop a rosewood box. Fish are floating above a rough jade rock within which is a crude battery operated mechanism of rotating magnets. When activated, the jade magnets agitate magnets within the bellies of the fish causing them to 'swim.' The center prong has lost it's threading so it leans forward. It appears to have been repaired with solder in the past. The mechanism still works. The battery in the piece expired but device still works. The entire grouping is covered with a glass dome that sits atop the rosewood box. Grun apparently devised this in 1985 and applied for a patent. Also included are three additional prototype goldplated fish. The two 14k yellow gold fish weigh 43 grams together. However, they both contain a magnet, which has added to their weight. Diamonds are approximately 2.5-3mm diameter. The work is in overall good condition.

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